It’s a State of Mind

State of Mind Ventures is a seed and early growth venture capital fund, focusing on the people that drive our world forward.

We believe startups and venture capital are more than a job, it is a State Of Mind, a life choice. A choice you either have or don’t and if you have you can’t let go.

It is the State of Mind that never never stops asking questions, that seeks the answer when others have quit. That doesn’t just ask why, but why not. That never gives up, that never looks for the end because you have never finished.

This State Of Mind is the spirit that lives at the heart of our ambitious, experienced and flat team. We are all self-made over-achievers who have participated in leading and building products, companies and organizations, and we have devoted our careers to promoting change and innovation and we are here now to help do the same with those who share this spirit.

So we believe our role is simple. It is to find and empower the founders of the future.

To take those who have the same State Of Mind and help them become the best leaders they can be, with a team who are honest, direct and transparent. We say what we believe in, we believe in access and relationship. We believe that in business everything is personal, and we do all we can to be there, in person, for founders.

Founders that are daring, hungry and have big ambitions. We look to partner early with innovative teams of over-achievers, and be there with them, as they shape their vision, build their teams and grow.

To have this State Of Mind is a rare gift, to take that gift on a journey with the right partners standing behind is a small Nirvana.